- 2020 -
By Hand Collective began as platform to bring local artisans together in one place to share their work.


- 2021 -

The Bower Society

So, a few things have changed..."By Hand Collective" is now "The Bower Society".

As we have grown and developed over this past year, we felt it was time to choose a name that reflected where we now are and what we represent.

To us, the bower is one of the most beautiful representations of craft and design that can be found in nature. Each autumn through winter, the bower bird create these marvellous structures around Anglesea in Victoria, where we live. They then decorate them with found pieces of blue and yellow, often "repurposing" rubbish left by us humans. The results are inspirational! We feel we can learn a lot from these creatures and that their instinctive methods reflect our own approach to our own creations and collections.

In essence these two actions, collecting and creating encompass what we do at The Bower Society. They also extend to what you do with your 'finds' from us by collecting them and then creating experiences with your pieces.

Slowly we will expand our range of artisanal pieces that aim to enhance our lives. Our range is still handmade, and still slowly crafted, and by expanding it we aim to support others in sharing their wares and creations.

Thank you to all who have supported us so far. This journey has connected us with so many likeminded and beautiful souls. We look forward to our new incarnation and meeting many, many more. X